Sourcing Trip: Japan

One of our early sourcing trips brought us to the Land of the Rising Sun where we had an opportunity to visit Tokyo and Osaka. Japan offers visitors a unique juxtaposition of a nation proudly celebrating its ancient traditions, while simultaneously paving the way with the latest futuristic trends.

Dotting the idyllic countryside, its well preserved ancient culture is evidenced by the grand Shogunate castles, Shinto shrines, traditional inns known as ‘ryokans’ set in misty hot springs. In contrast the dense ultra modern mega-cities glow in a cornucopia of neon light jungles, offering the highest concentration of Michelin starred restaurants in the world, incredible shopping, sleek bullet trains, hidden treasures tucked away in narrow alleyways and an endless stream of people everywhere. Truly offers something to do 24/7!

Japan remains one of our favorite destination to catch up on the latest fashion inspirations, terrific food and shopping galore.

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Tsukiji fish market

Sushi dinner at a Michelin starred restaurant





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